Police Dog Handlers

Gino Jean, Achille Agathine and Pierre Pothin from the Police Force have successfully undertaken a local training in the field of drugs and explosives detection andgeneral purpose work.They did so through a refresher course organised by the Seychelles Police Force in partnership with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA). 

The dog handlers received their certificate yesterday in a ceremony which took place at the Seychelles Police Academy, Pointe Larue.
Present at the ceremony were the Minister for Home Affairs Mitcy Larue, the Commissioner of Police Reginald Elizabeth, the chief executive (CEO) of SCAA Gilbert Faure, among other high police officers.
Commissioner Elizabeth stated that Seychelles has recognised the vital role that police dogs contribute to law enforcement.

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Blood donation activity of 21/09/16 at SPA   

The activity began by a group of recruits from Respond Service, and then followed by the biggest group of recruits from SPA and others during the morning hours. We got on 1 officer from NIS, 1 from Anse Aux Pins, 3 from Anse Royale, 1 from Traffic Unit and overall we managed to get about 25 participants but only 13 officers could donate. It was a success for the Ministry of Health as they got 13 pints of blood. But it was failure for us as we have so many police officers and we saw mostly recruits turned up. But again it was a fun activity where they got to meet others and had a laugh together and they even got the chance to clarify some of their personal issues with the Health Staffs. Reasons for possible failures

•          Low blood pressure

•          Low HB (hemoglobin) level in the blood meaning most of them were anemic.

•          Afraid of the needles especially the ladies.

•          Some officers have not eaten beforehand.

kominike Lapolis

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