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Agents and officers of local law enforcement agencies have conducted a two-day special joint exercise whereby they intensified ship boarding, coastal patrols, airport luggage and body searches with emphasis made on trans-border criminal activities like human trafficking, drug smuggling, vehicle thefts, contrabands, wildlife related crimes at all points of entry as well as on the roads.

Dubbed USALAMA the exercise is the fourth of its kind and is done annually and was conducted here on Wednesday and Thursday at the same time as it was being carried out in other countries of the region which are members of the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO) like Seychelles.

Thursday, 31 August 2017 News

One hundred and nine police officers of various ranks have been promoted.

The promotion ceremony took place at the Seychelles Police Academy last Friday in the presence of Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, who also holds the portfolio for Home Affairs under which the police falls.

During the ceremony 42 constables were promoted to the rank of corporal; 32 corporals were promoted to sergeants while 17 sergeants received the rank of sub-inspectors.

Ten sub-inspectors were promoted to inspectors; 5 inspectors to assistant superintendents and 2 assistant superintendents to superintendents.

The highlight was the promotion of one superintendent, Francois Freminot, to chief superintendent.

He will now take over the overall commander role of the CID, replacing one of the foreign officers, Christaan Marx, whose contract has just ended. Mr Marx has been mentoring Mr Freminot for about 2 and a half years now.

In his speech at the ceremony, the Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Reginald Elizabeth noted that the Police Force has a selection panel in place to consider promotion which is based on recommendation from respective Commanders and also on availability of budget.

Fighting illegal immigration, drug trafficking, tax evasion and criminality in general are indeed some of the most pressing challenges that governments all over the world face, and Seychelles is no exception.

To equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to combat such illicit practices, 20 young Seychellois from various departments such as Customs, the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDEA), the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), the Police Force among others will undertake a training course that will be held in the Italian Guadia di Finanza in the city of Orvieto from September 4-22, 2017.

The training is fully funded by the Italian government in support of the sub-Saharan African countries.

The country’s monthly crime rate has for the last 5 years dropped by nearly half, with the record lowest figures recorded in August this year.

According to statistics communicated by the police, a total of 283 crimes were committed for the whole of last month compared to 543 in August 2012, representing a total drop of 48%. Among those crimes, we see a 46% decrease in thefts (85 compared to 157 in 2012) and 56% in burglary or night robberies (66 compared to 148 in 2012).

Crime figures have also dropped considerably compared to the same period of last year when a total of 429 crimes were committed, the average standing at about 34%. Same applies to specific crimes with 127 thefts and 129 burglaries in August 2015.

The figures were communicated by police spokesman Jean Toussaint during a press conference at the police headquarters yesterday afternoon.

More than a month after being reported missing Marvin Asba has still not been found and on Thursday evening an expert in forensics and missing persons, Brigadier Leonie Ras from South Africa, arrived in the country to help in the case.

The expert, who was recommended to the Seychelles Police by Interpol following a request for help the local police made last month, is accompanied by two expert dog handlers specialised in search and rescue ‒ warrant officers Van Rooyen and Prinsloo whose dogs are trained in detecting a person on and below the ground as well as in the water.

Yesterday morning the team was briefed by police commissioner Reginald Elizabeth and the CID officer leading the investigation as well as other officers working on the case.

Speaking to the local press soon after the briefing, Commissioner Elizabeth said it has taken some time for the expert to arrive as there are procedures to follow and the expert had to conclude work on important cases she was working on before being granted authorisation from her superiors to travel here.

Commissioner Elizabeth said the experts have received a detailed overview of the case from the day the young man was reported missing, all the investigation that  has taken place up to now so they could add their input and decide on how to conduct their own investigation.

The new Anse aux Pins police station has been described as more work conducive and community-friendly.

Equipped with modern amenities, the new station which was inaugurated yesterday will serve the communities of Anse aux Pins, Cascade, Pointe Larue and Au Cap.

It was the Commissioner of Police Reginald Elizabeth and Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, who also holds the ministerial portfolio for Home Affairs, who had the honour of unveiling the commemorative plaque to officially open the station.

They were later guided on a tour of the building to inspect the facilities.

Five new dog handlers and their dogs have joined the Seychelles Police Force following the completion of a four-month general purpose police dog course.

This is seen as an additional big boost for combating crime in the country.

The five dog handlers were presented with their certificates during a small graduation ceremony on Thursday afternoon at the Petit Paris based Public Order and Tactical Response Services (formerly Public Services Support Wing).

Corporal Eddy Luc came out as the best overall graduate.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Commissioner of Police (Compol) Reginald Elizabeth, deputy Commissioner Vernon Hunter, Chief Superintendent Sean Jackline, the commanding officer of the Public Order and Tactical Response Services, assistant Superintendent Peter Dacambra, assistant Superintendent James Tirant, the commanding officer of the Seychelles Police Dog Unit David Victor, partners, parents and other police officers and dog handlers.

Lapolis i rod lasistans militer, Interpol e ogmant rekonpans

Dan zot demars pour retrouv Marvin Asba de semenn apre son disparisyon, lapolis in demann Prezidan Danny Faure, ki Komandan an Sef Lafors Defans, pour ki militer i asiste zot dan zot loperasyon ek resers pour retrouv sa zenn garson.

Lapolis in osi lans lapel avek Lapolis Enternasyonal Interpol pour ganny lasistans detektiv enternasyonal  pour asiste zot dan zot bann envestigasyon.

Sete Komisyonner lapolis Msye Reginald Elizabeth ki ti donn sa bann lenformasyon lapres lokal yer bomaten.

Komisyonner Elizabeth in osi dir ki lapolis in ogmant sa rekonpans ki zot ti pe ofer pour lenformasyon konkret ki okenn dimoun i kapab fourni sorti 50 mil roupi pour vin 100 mil roupi.

Komisyonner Elizabeth in fer kler ki larzan pour sa rekonpans in sorti dan bidze ki lapolis i gannyen.

Cybercrime is on the rise as many local businessmen and ordinary citizens who do purchases and other money transactions online have lost large sums which have been intercepted and transferred to other fake accounts other than to the original accounts. 

This is after their emails had been hacked and personal information stolen by well-organised criminals from overseas.

Most of these financial interception scams are coming from countries in the Far East as well as South Africa where most Seychellois do business transactions.

This is why the police in collaboration with the Financial Investigation Unit (FUI), the Central Bank of Seychelles and the Bankers Association have come together to warn and educate the public on increasing financial cybercrime activities.

The public at large, especially the business community, are being advised to verify the authenticity of their clients’ details or call their clients to be on the safe side before making any overseas payment transactions.

The Central Bank of Seychelles has communicated to the local media the discovery of Facebook profiles, in the name of its governor Caroline Abel.

In a communiqué released yesterday, the bank has highlighted to the public and media that these profiles are fakes and must in no way be associated with the bank’s governor who, for the time being, has no official presence on this social media platform in her capacity as governor and as well as at a personal level.