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Police focusing on ‘gathering and analysing data’, field search stopped

Members of the police force are planning a host of activities starting tomorrow to mark Police Day which coincides with International Peace Day on September 21.

These will include a thanks giving mass at the St Paul’s Cathedral at 9am tomorrow presided by both the Anglican and Catholic bishops James Wong and Denis Wiehe respectively. The ceremony will be followed by a blood donation at the Seychelles Hospital by police officers and members of the public are being encouraged to join the officers in this humanitarian gesture to mark their day.

The Grand Anse Praslin police station is to be officially opened on Thursday at 2pm and on Friday morning at 9am at Orion Mall an exhibition showcasing the work of the police will be open to the public. During the opening ceremony the police force will launch its website and newsletter.

In the afternoon of that same day at 1.30pm at the STC conference room, a group of officers who followed firefighting and photography training will be rewarded in a ceremony.

Meanwhile, over Thursday and Friday police officers will continue to give blood and members of the public are being encouraged to join them as a sign of support and encouragement.

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