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Mont Fleuri teacher assaulted - Two students suspended

Two students from Mont Fleuri secondary school who were involved in a case where a male teacher was seriously assaulted have been immediately suspended pending further investigation.

It was early yesterday morning when Kevin Monthy, head of cycle at the school, was assaulted by the parent and relatives of a Secondary One (S1) student in the school’s conference room. His brother, also a student at the school, was also implicated in the debacle.

In a press release, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has severely condemned such a brutal act on a member of its staff and has expressed its full support for the victim.

They have also stated that the incident has been reported to the police in order to initiate criminal procedures.

The brutal act resulted into the hospitalisation of Mr Monthy who underwent X-Ray and CT scans at the Seychelles Hospital.

According to Mr Monthy the scans revealed a slight skull fracture.

He also received nine stitches for an injury on his forehead.

During his account of the events, Mr Monthy claimed the S1 student was caught with several ice-lollies which he was selling in the school compound.


Also in the student’s bag during a search was a significant amount of money, Mr Monthy added.

“These products are banned in the school by the Ministry of Health because they have too much sugar in them. Furthermore we do not know exactly what are in them and how hygienic they are, so I was quite concerned.”

Pursuant to Mr Monthy’s revelations, the 12-year-old boy became “rude and arrogant” after he was told his parents were going to be called into school and was consequently placed outside of the school’s gate until his parents arrived.

The parent and relatives did arrive a while later and started assaulting him, concluded Mr Monthy.

Mr Monthy will be giving his statement to the police today.

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