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The Supreme Court has yesterday Monday the 29th of July 2019 sentenced two Seychellois, Tony Ricky VIDOT a 30-year-old male maintenance supervisor of SCAA and his partner Kiera Marsha MARIA a 27-year-old female beautician, both of Pointe Larue Mahé. Chief Justice Mathilda Towmey sentenced both of the them for the charge of Trafficking in a Controlled drug, 62.3grams of heroin (33.5 g purity), Tony VIDOT five (5) years imprisonment and Kiera MARIA two (2) years imprisonment. In sentencing them Chief Justice Mathilda Towmey made the following remarks.

“In balancing the mitigating factors in respect of the two convicts’ sentences and the havoc the trafficking of heroin does in Seychelles, I am faced with a difficult task. I have stated that I do not have a heart of stone, that the plight of two babies in arms and two young children, and the appeals for clemency by two grandmothers certainly weigh heavily on this Court. On the other hand, trafficking of drugs always involves a commercial element. Trafficker traffic drugs to make money on the backs of vulnerable users and addicts. I have to remark that the same plight pleaded by the two convicts is visited on the children and families of heroin addicts who are supplied with drugs trafficked by the two convicts. Many homes are broken because of their selfish acts, many families have broken hearts and left with the same despair as that of the two convicts' own children and families. If only that thought had crossed their minds before they embarked on their greedy crusade. Hence, whilst exercising clemency I must also deter others from embarking on this futile journey.”

Tony Vidot and Kiera Maria were both arrested by officers of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau (ANB) of the Seychelles Police Force in collaboration with the Airport Customs Officer and SCAA personnel, on the 02nd of October 2018 for the offence of trafficking in a controlled drug (referred to in this sentence) and conspiracy to import in a controlled drug (which they were charged for and the case is still active in the Supreme Court).

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