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Newly trained dog handlers a boost to police force


Five new dog handlers and their dogs have joined the Seychelles Police Force following the completion of a four-month general purpose police dog course.

This is seen as an additional big boost for combating crime in the country.

The five dog handlers were presented with their certificates during a small graduation ceremony on Thursday afternoon at the Petit Paris based Public Order and Tactical Response Services (formerly Public Services Support Wing).

Corporal Eddy Luc came out as the best overall graduate.

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Commissioner of Police (Compol) Reginald Elizabeth, deputy Commissioner Vernon Hunter, Chief Superintendent Sean Jackline, the commanding officer of the Public Order and Tactical Response Services, assistant Superintendent Peter Dacambra, assistant Superintendent James Tirant, the commanding officer of the Seychelles Police Dog Unit David Victor, partners, parents and other police officers and dog handlers.


It was Compol Elizabeth who presented certificates to the graduates and the trophy to best overall graduate Eddy Luc who also received a hamper voucher from Sabrina Lapolla of Connections Trading, a pet shop based at Providence.

The other four graduates are Corporal Aubrey Rapid, Constable Kevin Pierre-Louis, Constable Anthony Mangroo and Constable Jim Vidot.

The dogs comprise two Boxers, a Rottweiler, a German Shepherd dog and cross breed Shepherd dog. All the dogs are from Seychelles.

The course was in theory and practical. Seychelles Police

Corporal Luc said that even though he was a dog handler before, the course had not been so easy as his Rottweiler demanded lots of patience to work with.

“I am so happy to have been able to adapt with him. We understand each other very well now. He is a great companion,” Corporal Luc said.

Constable Kevin Pierre Louis who is a dog handler for the first time said that adapting to his German shepherd was also not easy but from the working team spirit with other colleagues it had helped him master the control over the dog.

“We are 100% good friends now,” he said. 

In his small speech to congratulate the five graduates and their dogs, Compol Elizabeth reminded them of their roles to render our community and society a safer place.

“The force and the public are expecting a high level of service and efficiency due to the amount of investment into your capacity building. Therefore, I call on you graduates to appreciate and value your dogs as they are your working partners. Please take care and treat them with respect,” he said.

Chief Superintendent Jackline said the general purpose police dog course is part of an ongoing project to uplift K9 capabilities for the Seychelles Police Force in terms of the three K9 categories: general purpose, explosives and narcotic detection.  

He added that general purpose dogs contribute a lot towards crime prevention and crime combating and together with their handlers they are expected to perform basic obedience (dog control), bush searching to detect concealed suspects, building searches to detect concealed suspects, tracking of suspect who have fled a crime scene, apprehension of fleeing suspects and the protection of the handler.

Chief Superintendent Jackline reminded the handlers to maintain high standard by conducting official dog practices every two weeks and an evaluation test every three months.

“The handlers are reminded that the dogs are not merely pieces of equipment but are living creatures which have needs. If they are to be truly productive in their work – like humans -- they need to be happy and comfortable in the work environment,” he told the handlers.

The course was run locally from January 9 to May 12, 2017 by the Commanding Officer of the Seychelles Police Dog Unit, David Victor.

According to Commander Victor, to follow the course dogs are chosen for their efficiency, their physical appearance and fitness.

The five newly trained dogs bring to 15 the number of dogs that are attached to the Seychelles Police Dog Unit. Among them, four and their handlers are following another course on military and commercial explosives detection which started on July 10 and will run until November 10, 2017.

The ceremony ended with suspects apprehension and search demonstrations.


The police force in the Seychelles is a national body which falls under the control of the National Commissioner of Police, who is appointed by the President subject to the approval of the National Assembly....


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