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Special blood drive to celebrate Police Day


Eleven police officers and recruits gave blood yesterday as part of activities to commemorate Police Day which falls on September 21.

Twenty-five people responded to the call but out of this number only 11 were eligible to donate blood.

This blood drive was organised by the Seychelles Police and the Blood Transfusion Unit (BTU) of the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Seychelles Police health and safety officer, Jeanine Maria, said she is satisfied with the outcome as she would have deemed it to be unsuccessful if no one had turned up but however she had hoped for a higher turnout.

“I think that most of them could not turn up since they have been working very hard during the election period so it’s understandable that they could not come. However next time I would like more of them to make the effort,” she said.

Although some may argue that this is a small contribution it should be noted that the police department make it a habit throughout the year to donate blood upon request of the public or Ministry of Health.

When it comes to request for blood Mrs Maria said the person usually approaches an officer they feel more comfortable to do so who then liaises with her. After that she reaches out to the Ministry of Health who prepares a date for the officers to come donate blood.

Moreover, a health and safety unit which serves as mini clinic for the officers was opened in May this year.

This clinic, headed by Mrs Maria herself who is a qualified nurse by profession, eases daily screening and health talks in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Drug & Alcohol Council (Dac) and other departments.


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