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Eight police officers promoted


Eight police officers with several years of experience have received their badge of ranks in a short ceremony held yesterday afternoon at the police headquarters in Victoria.

The three women and five men received their badges from the hands of Deputy Commissioner Vernon Hunter and Commissioner Reginald Elizabeth.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Home Affairs Minister Charles Bastienne as well as other high-ranking officers.

They are Sergeant Aubrey Petrousse, who has been promoted to the rank of sub-inspector; sub-inspectors Winnifred Baccarie, Vanessa Anacoura and Marie-Antoinette Gedeon, who have all been promoted to the rank of inspector; Danny Mondon, who has been promoted from inspector to assistant superintendent; Justin Dogley and Jemmy Bouzin, who have moved from the rank of assistant superintendent to that of superintendent; and Superintendent Romano Songore who has been promoted to the rank of chief superintendent, the highest ranking among the group.


Congratulating the officers on their achievement, Commissioner Elizabeth called on them to remain focused on their roles and responsibilities to continue to provide the best service to our country.

“I count on your full support and team spirit to make our community safer for everyone,” Commissioner Elizabeth said.

Commissioner Elizabeth said the newly promoted officers will be taking new responsibilities in line with structural revision of the police force aimed at turning it into a more professional, dynamic, efficient force so it can deliver a service of higher standard and quality to meet the expectations and demands of our people.

“Since last year the department of police has embraced several organisational changes which are already bringing positive results. We have relooked at the structure and organisational strategy and will continue to build upon the laid foundation for more anticipated success,” Commissioner Elizabeth said.

“However this does not mean that our challenges will disappear overnight, but I am convinced that it will help us move forward,” he added, noting that no organisational structure alone can be a success without a committed and dedicated workforce.

Superintendent Jemmy Bouzin, on behalf of all the newly promoted officers, thanked everyone who have helped and contributed in their success and achievements.

He reminded his fellow officers that they have been entrusted with additional responsibilities to serve their communities and country.

But he noted that while this is no doubt another step forward in their career, challenges ahead should not be overlooked.

“We recognise the challenges that lay ahead and we will embrace them with determination,” Superintendent Bouzin pointed out.

Superintendent Bouzin went on to add, “we also acknowledge that success is not without hard work, sacrifices and support from others and our promotion is testament to all that and we have many to thank for and these include, the government and the commissioner of police and his team of officers”.


The police force in the Seychelles is a national body which falls under the control of the National Commissioner of Police, who is appointed by the President subject to the approval of the National Assembly....


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